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Artist's Statement

Twenty-four years ago, I gave up life as I knew it and began to live within the boundaries of the creative process. A choice that has brought meaning, pleasure and good companionship into a life I am really able to call my own. At last, I stopped wondering what I was going to do when I grew up (having, in fact, grown up decades ago) and claimed a more personal vision for my future rather than a path well worn and already known.

I began to invest in a dream come true, to be surrounded with seed beads in a never-ending range of colors and to indulge others with this rich assortment. What a pleasure it is to be an individual within a life of wondrous color. I am attracted to color in light; the blending and bending of colored sprays of reflective surfaces. Each bead is a tiny vessel of visual tone, which carries its own song to be bound together with other beads forming a kaleidoscopic chorus of color and sumptuous surfaces.

My days are spent exploring creativity, making art, teaching off-loom bead weaving techniques, selling beads, eating and sleeping: a full life indeed. Traveling and teaching beadwork across the country as well as overseas has extended my association with other bead artists. I am endlessly fascinated with how each person expresses his or her own creativity and expands the tradition of beadwork.

Beading is a meditative activity for me, allowing my mind to wander through the work of my hands so that each piece represents the sound of my soul. As I reflect on my life, I would definitely say, "I am most fortunate as this is as good as life gets."

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