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Peyote Perfect by NanC Meinhardt
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NanC's Bead Workshops

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1,000 Bead Pickup - NanC Meinhardt workshop

1,000 Bead Pick Up
While talking on the phone, you idly arrange your favorite beads on a beading mat. When you're finished, you are delighted with the formation of beads in front of you. What you see would make a wonderful bracelet without changing a thing—but how can you get the beads from your mat onto your wrist without disturbing the design? Learn how in this one-day workshop.



Diviner's Rod (Head) Art Sticks: I'm Not an artist. I Can't Draw. I Can Only Draw Stick Figures
We each perceive objects in our own way. Art Sticks is a workshop about seeing and then crafting what you see into a personal stick.
"Balls, Balls," Said the Queen by NanC Meinhardt

"Balls, Balls," Said the Queen
What beautiful beads they are! In this workshop with NanC Meinhardt, you will use right-angle weave to create sumptuous beaded beads. You will also learn how to create floral and/or patterned beads.



Be Still My Heart, by NanC Meinhardt

Be Still My Heart
You might find it difficult to contain yourself when you wear this beautiful cuff bracelet because you will shine! NanC Meinhardt takes right-angle weave to new heights with this extraordinary design.



Dangles - NanC Meinhardt workshop

You will learn how to cover molded pieces using NanC's signature technique to pick up the slightest nuances of shape and form.



Deneen's Necklace

Deneen's Necklace
Using a new "twist" together with peyote stitch, NanC Meinhardt will teach the participants of this workshop to make an elegant yet easy to accomplish necklace.



Freeform Right-angle Weave

Freeform Right Angle Weave Intensive
Participants will spend two days with NanC Meinhardt exploring the possibilities inherent in using freeform right-angle weave, an off loom bead weaving technique.



NanC Meinhardt, Artist and Educator

I Wonder What Would Happen If I ...
NanC Meinhardt's workshop is a chance to spend three days within that very haunting question, "I Wonder What Would Happen If I......." This workshop is designed to explore where your beadwork goes when expectations are laid aside, chances are taken and possibilities are found.



Izzy and Lucy Bracelet by NanC Meinhardt

Izzy and Lucy Bracelet
The image on the monitor showed two beautiful little girls, Izzy and Lucy, playing in their backyard on a sunny California day,. The sunlight played with them as they laughed and whirled and turned and swirled unselfconsciously before a sensitive photographer's eye. These images stole my heart: my beadwork could not help but to follow.



Multi-stitch Bracelet with Keshi Pearls

Multi-stitch Bracelet with Keshi Pearls
Being in love with keshi pearls, NanC Meinhardt designed a bracelet that combines single peyote, two drop peyote and right-angle weave to showcase the pearls. An invisible closure adds to the cohesiveness of this piece. This workshop includes bead-by-bead directions, making your bracelet easy to accomplish. You may choose to make the Multi-stitch Bracelet with either size 11 or size 14/15 seed beads.



Museum Bracelet by NanC Meinhardt

Museum Bracelet
NanC Meinhardt brings to you her most successful bracelet design, which was exhibited at the American Craft Museum in New York.



Rapunzel by NanC Meinhardt

Enjoy spending a day creating a spiraling, swirling, twirling cascade of Ndebele and Peyote ending in a burst of encrusted curl.



Right Angle Weave Shapes by NanC Meinhardt

Right Angle Weave Shapes
In this workshop, the participants will review the technique of flat right angle weave. NanC Meinhardt will demonstrate a vareity of techniques, including a technique NanC developed called "filler bead inside increase".



Shades of a Different Color by NanC Meinhardt

Shades of a Different Color
In this one-day workshop, participants will learn African Helix, an easy to accomplish off loom bead weaving technique.



Super-Froth Bracelet by NanC Meinhardt

Super Froth Bracelet
A chance to spend a day reveling in excess as you create a waterfall of decadent froth!



Very Tailored Bracelet by NanC Meinhardt

Very Tailored Bracelet
NanC Meinhardt, the originator of free-form right-angle weave, leaves her intuitive nature behind for this tailored design. You will use tubular right-angle weave and a diagonal pattern that changes direction several times within the bracelet, to accomplish this deceivingly simple-looking piece. (Click on the blue text link for more photos.)


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