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Be Still My Heart

Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

You might find it difficult to contain yourself when you wear this beautiful cuff bracelet because you will shine! NanC Meinhardt takes Right Angle Weave to new heights with this extraordinary design. The materials are not complicated, the technique is approachable and the results are outstanding. Make this bracelet and then make dinner reservations. You, too, will be saying, “Be Still My Heart!”

Be Still My Heart can be made with 3mm or 4mm firepolish beads. If you choose to make the bracelet with 4mm firepolish, you will need to get 3mm firepolish or size 6 seed beads for the back of your bracelet instead of the size 8 seed beads mentioned in the supply list.

  • 550 bright, light or shiny color 3mm fire polish beads. This will be your main color (and you want it to shine).

  • 400 dark or matte 3mm fire polish beads. These will be your secondary. background color that will show off the shine of your main color.

  • 20 grams size 8 seed beads that are close to the color you chose for your background beads.

  • 10 grams of either size 14/15 seed beads or size 13 charlottes

  • Fireline 6 lb test or Silamide, a beading thread

  • Size 11 beading needles

  • Small scissors

  • Closure: Pants hook and eye found in sewing supply stores

  • Work surface

  • Extra light and extension cord if needed

  • Magnifying glasses or visor if needed....seeing is important!

  • Power zap (optional)

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