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2008 NanC Meinhardt Studio, LLC

Multi-stitch Bracelet
With Keshi Pearls


Being in love with keshi pearls, NanC Meinhardt designed a bracelet that combines single peyote, two drop peyote, and right-angle weave to showcase the pearls. An invisible closure adds to the cohesiveness of this piece. This workshop includes bead by bead directions making your bracelet easy to accomplish. You may choose to make the Multi-stitch Bracelet with either size 11 or size 14/15 seed beads.

To make this bracelet you will need:

  • Three colors of size 11 seed beads or three colors of size 14 seed beads. The size of your bracelet depends on your choice.

  • If you are using size 11 seed beads you will need size 14 seed beads as close as possible to color C (see below).

  • One strand of center drilled Keshi pearls. If using size 11 seed beads, the pearls should be 4 x 4 mm or 4 x 5 mm. If using size 14 seed beads, the pearls should be 2 x 3 mm or 3 x 3 mm. You may also use 216 rondelles or semi-precious rondelles size 2 x 3 mm.

  • 6 lb test Fireline for size 11s or 4 lb test Fireline for size 14s

  • Size 12 beading needles

  • Beading surface

  • Light

  • Bees wax or Micro wax

  • Magnifier

  • Thread zapper (optional)

The three colors of seed beads will be referred to as:

  • Color A: Used as the 2 drop Peyote bead (10 grams)

  • Color B: Used as the 1 drop Peyote bead. This bead should be high contrast in color. (5 grams)

  • Color C: Used as the Edge bead and the Super Froth Fringe bead. Used in the Right Angle Weave section and the highlight row of 2 drop Peyote. This bead should be closest in color to the Keshi pearls. (20 grams)

  • Color C: Size 14 (5 grams) if using size 11s for body of bracelet


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