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I Wonder What Would Happen If I...

A two- to three-day workshop

Perfect for a retreat setting

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

You are working on your beadwork and all is going along as expected when a thought crosses your mind: "I wonder what would happen if I.....?" You try to imagine how your idea might pan out. After all, the idea was good enough to cross your mind but you can't picture the results. Usually you don't try your idea as you can't predict the result in your mind's eye, and another possibility drifts from consciousness. Does this sound like you? If so, you have a lot of company. You rarely take the time to explore an idea when you can't "pre-imagine" the outcome. You can't pre-imagine the idea because you haven't tried it. Quite a "catch 22," isn't it?

NanC Meinhardt's workshop is a chance to spend three days within that very haunting question, "I Wonder What Would Happen If I....." This workshop is designed to explore where your beadwork goes when expectations are laid aside, chances are taken and possibilities are found. NanC will begin the workshop by providing a beading assignment. Over the next three days, your beadwork will evolve each time NanC asks you to respond to many variations of "I wonder what would happen if I.....?" Neither she nor you will know the results of these challenges until you try them. You may be surprised the way your beadwork evolves, you may find out you like some of the ideas, you may find out that others do not work for you. Three days to discover that exploration dedicated to the musings of your mind is a project within itself.

Remember the last time that time flew and you had no idea where it went? Well, here is another opportunity to lose yourself in "creative time." Come join us and find out "what would happen if I....." together.


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